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Hevria Cast - Episode 7

By Hevria

NY BluePrint - Schwebel Shines on Heartfelt CD

By Alan Zeitlin

"Eli Schwebel has got himself a big hit.

Schwebel shows off his vocal dexterity, seamlessly traversing from a booming knock-down-the-house power to an angelic softness"


Bang it out - e.s. has lost his mind...and we absolutely love it!

By Isaac Galena

"’s rare that a Jewish musician can carve out a pop sound, mixing English and Hebrew lyrics, without feeling like he’s forcing one side over the other.  Shwebel finds a fun balance..."


AISH - Jewish on the outside

By Rabbi Tzvi Gluckin

"He grew up with music. His father is a musician. His grandparents were musicians. The Schwebels love music.

And not just any music. Jewish music. It’s the lifeblood of the Schwebel family."

Fink or Swim - Ani Yosef Lyric Video Debut Review

By Rabbi Eliyahu Fink

"Indeed, chaos should be a friend of ours. As a society, we’ve decided that chaos is our enemy. Joseph’s life was a life of chaos. Beauty and spiritual growth emerge from chaos; we just have to embrace it."



5tjt - who is eli schwebel?

By Larry Gordon

"...Eli Schwebel is recognized by the distinct sound that he brought to the Lev Tahor musical group that produced four melodic albums..."